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Why Choose Propane

Looking For A New Propane Supplier?

When you live in a remote area, having a propane tank hooked up to your home’s appliances means you’ll have reliable and consistent access to the fuel you need to function. Powering everything from your furnace to your clothes dryer — it’s no wonder more and more families are choosing propane as their primary fuel source. Of particular significance in the current climate of environmental awareness, propane is known as a clean-burning fuel and is non-toxic, non-caustic, and will not create an environmental hazard in the case of a spill or leak. Propane vapour does not cause air pollution and is not considered to be a greenhouse gas. As a naturally occurring gas, propane is abundant in Canada, affordable, efficient, and dependable. What are you waiting for? Start powering your home with propane today!

Your Home Powered By Propane

House heating - Propane supplier

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Barbecue & Grill 

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Patio Heater

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Outdoor Flame Lighting

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Radiant In-Floor Heating

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Stove & Oven

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Water Heater

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Clothes Dryer

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Building A Propane-Powered Home

Propane Is . . .


Propane is an affordable energy option for your home with minimal upfront costs and low maintenance requirements. Because propane appliances are more efficient and clean-burning, they also last longer and require less maintenance and repairs.

Easy To Install

When it comes to building a new off-grid home in the country, propane is by far one of the simplest fuel sources to use. Whether you’re considering it as a primary or a secondary fuel source, we can take care of the install and set-up.


Propane is recognized as ‘green’ energy due to its exceptional efficiency and clean-burning properties. Propane produces less than half the greenhouse gas emissions than electricity and oil. Propane has a small carbon footprint and can help you reduce your environmental impact.


Save When You Refer

CanGas Referral Program

Once you’ve joined the ranks as one of the thousands of happy CanGas customers, spread the love and tell your friends and family about our exceptional customer service, fast delivery, and overall efficiency. We love to see the CanGas family expanding, and we offer some incredible benefits to customers who help us make that happen. Talk to a representative today to refer your friends and find out what’s in store.

What You Need To Know About Switching To Propane

When you switch from using another fuel source to powering your home with propane, you’ll experience lower costs, higher efficiency, and greater convenience. We can help you make the switch from another propane supplier or, if you’re new to propane, we can install your first tank. We’ll also determine the proper tank size for your needs and arrange for delivery and setup. Keep in mind that larger tanks require a perimeter of 10 ft from all buildings and property lines. With your tank installed and your CanGas account up and running, propane supply will be easy and streamlined. We can’t wait to have you become part of the CanGas family!
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Make The Switch To CanGas

Join The CanGas Family

Do you currently receive propane from a different supplier, but you’re looking to make a change? We make the process simple and straightforward for our customers. Contact your local branch and ask us about our switch-out program; we’ll take care of the delivery and installation of your new CanGas tank — call us today!

Why CanGas Is The Clear Choice

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Fast Turn-Around

We guarantee a fast turn-around on all propane deliveries. Our drivers are responsible and reliable, and we’re committed to ensuring you always have enough for your essential daily operations.

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We Know Propane

Propane is what we do best, and no one knows and understands the industry better than us. We can make recommendations for tank sizes, fuel conversions, and delivery options that will meet your needs.

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Friendly Culture

The CanGas company is more like a family! We thrive on the relationships we build with each other and our clients. Visit a local CanGas branch near you to experience the best customer service and care in the industry.

What Tank Size Do I Need?

At CanGas, we supply 3 different tank sizes to our residential clients.
Tank sizes - Propane supplier
120gal/420 lb.

120gal/420 lb.

Ideal for residential uses, including home heating. This tank can power water heaters, space heaters, fireplaces, and more and may be paired with multiple tanks of the same size.
Tank sizes - Propane supplier
500 Gallon Propane Tank

500 Gallon

Ideal for entire home heating. These horizontal tanks must be installed 10 ft away from buildings and property lines.
Tank sizes - Propane supplier
1000 Gallon Propane Tank

1000 Gallon

Most common for commercial use, but may be used for large residential homesteads, farms, or small communities.