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I authorize CanGas Propane Partnership to make investigations of my credit standing for which this application is made, as deemed to be necessary by CanGas. Upon approval of this application for a credit account, the signature(s) on this application are deemed to constitute acceptance of the Credit Operating Agreement below.

It is agreed between the parties to this agreement as of the date first herein written that CanGas Propane Partnership will sell and deliver up Propane Partnership products, as agreed to by the personal applicant herein mentioned. The applicant agrees to pay, in accordance with CanGas published credit terms, all charges including but not limited to, service or late payment charges, delivery and pickup charges, permit and inspection fees and charges. In the event the applicant’s account is in arrears, any future purchases will be declined until the account is cleared. Balance due is payable upon receipt. For accounts past due over 30 days interest charged will be 24% per annum.

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I being a shareholder or principal of the Creditor, acknowledge and agree to personally be responsible, on a joint and several basis, for any amounts and costs incurred, including legal fees on a solicitor and his/her own client basis, that arise in connection with the recovery of an overdue account payable by the Creditor to CanGas Propane Inc.

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