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Kindersley is a vibrant and progressive hub located in central Saskatchewan. Surrounded and supported by thriving agriculture and oil and gas industries, Kindersley is a community that relies on propane usage. At CanGas, we have propane suppliers in Kindersley that can accommodate the needs of any customer, both residential and commercial. We’re proud to have a home in Kindersley, and we’re grateful for the strong connections we’ve built in the community. Contact us today to get started with propane delivery and other propane services.

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Whether you’re looking for a cleaner fuel source or a more cost-effective solution to heating your home or business, propane is the answer. Propane releases fewer greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere than nearly any other gas and is considered to be a clean-burning fuel. Utilizing propane can help you reduce your carbon footprint, and it’s never been easier to make the change. Propane can now be used to power nearly any appliance in your home or business, from furnaces and water heaters to forklifts and commercial crop dryers. Ready to make the switch? Give your local propane supplier in Kindersley a call!

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