Heat Your Home With A Propane Furnace

There are several benefits to heating your home with a propane furnace. Not only is propane a more reliable and environmentally responsible fuel source than oil, but propane heating systems also deliver the best results when it comes to efficiency, performance, and consistency some propane furnaces offer an efficiency rating of over 97%! When you live in a remote area, a high-efficiency furnace will keep your home comfortably warm all winter long, even amid the most brutal Canadian weather. Propane furnaces are compact, but through a forced-air system, can heat the whole house, whether you live in a small cottage or a large estate home in the country.

Your Home Heating Options

Propane Furnace

Propane-powered furnaces offer a high-efficiency heating solution, delivering consistent, even heat all year round. Propane furnaces can heat homes of any size using a forced-air system and, unlike similar appliances, they dont require electricity to help radiate heat. Propane furnaces are reliable, flexible, and efficient.

Propane Boiler

Propane boilers are not only highly efficient, but also incredibly versatile, with several home heating options, including space heating, water heating, snowmelt, and even in-floor heating. Propane boilers can support hydronic baseboard systems, in-floor hydronic heating, or a forced-air system.

Hybrid System

A hybrid system combines the warmth and reliability of a propane furnace with the efficiency of an electric heat pump. If you have access to electricity, a hybrid system may be the best option to provide your home with even and consistent heat.


A propane-powered fireplace is one of the coziest home heating solutions. Fireplaces and stoves add comfort and style to your home with plenty of colour options and finishes from a traditional brick aesthetic to a modern stone appeal. Fireplaces may be paired with another heating appliance to provide widespread heat.

Benefits of Using a Propane Furnace

A propane furnace operates at nearly double the efficiency of an oil furnace, and they last up to 10 years longer than electric heat pumps. They also deliver even and consistent heat throughout the house, unlike space heaters or radiant heating. Because propane is a more efficient fuel source, you can count on saving money over time as well as lowering your carbon footprint. In addition, propane boilers are a versatile alternative they can power a propane hot water tank or in-floor heating.

Why Propane


Propane is a cleaner and more environmentally responsible alternative to harmful fossil fuels and other emissions.


Propane is efficient, which means economical! Switching to propane results in lower operational and maintenance costs.


Propane can power almost anything, almost anywhere! Common uses include cooking, heating, and power generation.

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Hooking Up A New Propane Furnace

As trusted propane suppliers, you can leave it to us to install the appropriate propane tank on your property. In some situations, we may also assist you in hooking up your appliances, including your propane furnace. You can count on the friendly and attentive service of CanGas were always available to answer your questions, and we offer prompt and regular propane delivery, whether you opt for scheduled deliveries or will-call. When were in the area, well stop by to say hi and check on the condition of your tank and the status of your propane supply. Contact your local branch to learn more!

Where can I install my tank?

Pigs or 420 lb tanks can be installed next to a wall, while 500 and 1000 gal. tanks require a perimeter of 10 ft from all buildings and property lines.

How long will my tank last?

CanGas propane tanks can last a long time. During the lifetime use of your tank, we perform inspections to ensure its functioning as it should.

What are the dimensions of the tanks?

120 gal/420 lb. Height: 4 翻 feet | Diameter: 30 inches | Capacity: 375 litres

500 gal. Height: 3 翻 feet | Diameter: 38 inches | Length: 10 feet | Capacity: 1520 litres

1000 gal. Height: 4 feet | Diameter: 41 inches | Length: 16 feet | Capacity: 3030 litres

Residential Tank Sizes

At CanGas, we supply 3 different tank sizes to our residential clients.

120 gal/420 lb.

Ideal for residential uses, including home heating. This tank can power water heaters, space heaters, fireplaces, and more and may be paired with multiple tanks of the same size.

500 Gallon

Ideal for entire home heating. These horizontal tanks must be installed 10 ft away from buildings and property lines.

1000 Gallon

Most common for commercial use, but may be used for large residential homesteads, farms, or small communities.

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