Auto Propane Fuels Your Fleet

Auto propane is becoming an increasingly popular option in Canada for high-consumption fleets. Propane-powered fleets are one of the most practical ways to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere while saving valuable money and resources. As propane burns much cleaner than alternative fuels, auto propane vehicles require less maintenance and repairs. Propane is the third most common fuel source for powering vehicles in Canada, and at CanGas, were making it even more accessible. Did you know the overall cost savings of switching to propane will likely cover the initial cost of conversion within the first year? Propane-powered fleets make sense.

Auto Solutions

Medium-Duty Vehicles

Medium-duty fleet vehicles include trucks, vans, and small cargo transports. Medium-duty fleets should plan routes around convenient fuelling times at an on-site refuelling station. Medium-duty vehicle fleets are ideal for public transit, food and beverage and other delivery vehicles, towing companies, and more.

Light-Duty Vehicles

Light-duty propane-powered vehicles are available from most major vehicle manufacturers in Canada, as after-market conversions or OEM dedicated cars. Light-duty vehicle fleets are ideal for taxicab companies, law enforcement, or government agencies.

School & Shuttle Buses

The cost-saving benefits of switching to propane-powered school buses could save school boards thousands of dollars and make room in provincial budgets for more teachers, extracurricular activities, and equipment upgrades.

Government Fleet

Government vehicles that run on propane could save significant money. Propane is high-performing and cleaner than diesel and gasoline, making it ideal for transportation around hospitals where clean air is a necessity.

Benefits Of Fuelling With Auto Propane

When youre purchasing new vehicles for your fleet, you may want to consider converting to propane. You can buy factory-made OEM vehicles that are ready to go or look at an after-market conversion. Whichever option you choose, auto propane delivers the same high engine performance that youre used to with other fuel sources. Plus, your vehicles are likely to last longer with fewer visits to the mechanic for maintenance and repairs. With a centralized refuelling station at your site, propane is the clear choice for powering your fleet.

Propane for Auto Solutions is...


Propane is more economical than diesel and gasoline due to its lower cost. Clean-burning propane also reduces the cost of your fleet maintenance.


Propane is a clean energy source causing fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions than diesel and gasoline. Propane also mitigates the risk of dangerous spills and leaks.


Clean-burning propane helps equipment last longer, with propane exhaust creating fewer smog-producing hydrocarbons than other fuel types. The exhaust of diesel and other fuels release soot that can clog engines and wear-down machinery over time.


As a liquefied petroleum gas, propane vaporizes upon release, mitigating all risk of environmental spills and costly cleanups. Propane tanks are also 20x more puncture resistant than gas tanks.

Auto Propane...


Is less than half the cost of diesel


Produces 60% less carbon monoxide


Powers nearly 100,000 vehicles in Canada

Auto Propane Will Get You Where You Need To Be

From shuttle buses to courier and passenger vans and police cars, propane is ideal for commercial and government fleets with local routes and smaller loads. In a light or medium-duty vehicle, propane provides the same power, torque, range, and acceleration as gasoline or diesel. Though the performance is much the same, propane wins when it comes to environmental impact and cost savings. Environmental risks are virtually eliminated with propanes clean-burning and low emission properties. At CanGas, we want to increase the number of propane-powered fleets in Canada, and we want to be your propane supplier. Contact us to talk about tank installation and setting up an on-site refuelling station. Through regular propane delivery, we guarantee youll always have enough to power your entire fleet.

What type of vehicles can be powered by propane?

Propane can power light and medium-duty vehicles of all kinds, including construction vehicles, pick-up trucks, taxis, police cars, shuttle buses, delivery trucks, school buses, and more.

Where can I fill up with auto propane?

We do our best to make refuelling easy and convenient for our customers. We can install on-site refuelling stations, so your fleet has easy access to the fuel needed for the day. The number of gas stations across the country that offer propane refuelling are also on the rise.

What tank sizes do you carry?

Our commercial tanks range in size from 1,000 to 30,000 gallon tanks. (1,000 gallon, 2,000 gallon, 5000 gallon, 12,000 gallon, 18,000 gallon, 30,000 gallon) Skidded tanks are also available for certain applications. Automotive dispensers come in a variety of sizes depending on your volume requirements.