Can propane be used to power my home?

Yes! Several households across Canada rely on propane for home heating, water heating, clothes drying, and several other applications.

What type of commercial applications use propane?

Propane is a versatile fuel source with nearly endless applications for use, including commercial crop drying and weedy killing to power generation for pump jacks. Visit our commercial page for more information.

Is propane safe for the environment?

Yes! Propane is identified as a green fuel source because of its clean-burning properties. Propane produces significantly less hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere than alternative fuel sources.

What is a BTU?

The British thermal unit (BTU ) is a unit of energy used in the power, steam generation, heating and air conditioning industries. For propane use, one gallon of propane will burn 91,690 BTUs.

How long can I store propane?

Propane can be stored indefinitely in a tank that is in good, working order. Unlike other fuel sources that go bad or deteriorate over time, propane does not have a shelf life.

How much does propane cost?

The cost of propane can vary between suppliers, but it is one of the most affordable fuel types available in Canada. Contact your local CanGas branch to learn more about the cost of propane and our customized payment plans.

Why is my propane tank not filled to 100% capacity?

Because of the nature of propane (namely that it expands in gaseous form) propane tanks are only ever filled to 80% to accommodate for any expansion that may occur.