From Energy Essentials To Luxury Amenities

Whatever it is, propane is the fuel source to get the job done. Most homeowners are surprised to discover the range of functions supported by propane. From water heating to cooking, clothes drying, pool heating, fireplaces, and general power generation, propane can power practically everything within your home. Not only is it a versatile fuel source, but it’s also cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Make the clear choice with propane!

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Get More For Less

Propane appliances function at nearly 100% efficiency, an almost 30% increase over alternative fuel sources. Overall, propane means lower costs for you, fewer greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, higher performance for your appliances, greater versatility, and more money in your pocket. Whether you’re new to propane, switching providers, or already experiencing the benefits of being a CanGas customer, we are here to help. You can count on CanGas to make ordering propane for your home easy and convenient.

Safety – Everyday! Everywhere! Everyone!

CanGas is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of propane, and we believe in putting safety first, especially in the workplace. We commit to the safety of our employees, contractors, and the public.

Why CanGas Is The Clear Choice

Fast Turn-Around 

We guarantee a fast turn-around on all propane deliveries. Our drivers are responsible and reliable, and we’re committed to ensuring you always have enough for your essential daily operations.

We Know Propane 

Propane is what we do best, and no one knows and understands the industry better than us. We can make recommendations for tank sizes, fuel conversions, and delivery options that will meet your needs.

Friendly Culture 

The CanGas company is more like a family! We thrive on the relationships we build with each other and our clients. Visit a local CanGas branch near you to experience the best customer service and care in the industry.

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Clear Choice Tank Monitoring

Clear Choice tank monitoring utilizes state-of-the-art technology to gather information about your propane tank and transmits it back to us. With accurate, real-time data about your propane supply levels, we can schedule your next delivery to ensure you never run out. Tank monitoring also guarantees peace of mind, with a clear and easy-to-navigate dashboard for you to keep track of your own tank levels in real-time, view CanGas Propane locations, and more. Automated propane supply is the easiest and most convenient way to ensure you receive the fuel you need for your home or business. Talk to your local CanGas branch about accessing and installing tank monitoring technology.

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What our customers are saying:

We needed an emergency fill in the dead of winter and they were very quick and efficient! The staff are always kind and easy to work with. We love knowing we have CanGas when we need them!

Very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with as well as helpful. I definitely recommend CanGas to others looking for propane supply.

The staff treat customers with respect and kindness. They are small town friendly and understanding, making me feel like I matter and am not just another account number. Also they are never late on delivery! Thank you, CanGas!

We find the service very convenient, from the prompt response to our calls for filling our tank to the online billing. Thank you for excellent service, CanGas Propane.

CanGas is an outstanding and reliable propane company — the only one that I will deal with going forward.