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As your propane supplier in Prince George, we are pleased that our partner Canadian Propane plays an integral role in the community. The team of friendly caring individuals are 100% committed to providing you with reliable propane supply, service and equipment. 

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Propane is an efficient and reliable fuel, abundantly available across Canada. Considered environmentally responsible due to its clean-burning and low-emission properties, propane is also incredibly versatile and can be used anytime and anywhere, making it ideal for industries that operate off-grid. Prince Georges mining industry, for example, relies on propane for mine-shaft heating, power generation, and mineral smelting and refining. In fact, mining and oil and gas extraction account for the majority of propane demand in Canada. The City of Prince George also relies on auto propane to power the majority of its operational vehicles. There are so many benefits to powering with propane; join the thousands who have already made the switch with the most reliable propane supplier in Prince George CanGas Propane.

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