Go Exploring With A Portable Propane Heater

When life takes you beyond the edge of civilization, you can enjoy some of the comforts of home with a portable propane heater. Whether you’re packing up the truck to go camping, hiking, or exploring, or you’re hosting an outdoor event near home, a heater provides the extra warmth you need to enjoy your adventure safely and comfortably. Portable propane heaters run off small propane tanks that you can purchase or fill at one of our CanGas branches. Follow adventure wherever it leads you and stay toasty no matter what with a portable propane heater.

Your Remote Power Options

Portable Heaters

Outdoor portable heaters, powered by portable propane tanks, are ideal for outdoor trade shows, sporting events, or camping trips. Propane provides a warm and consistent heat.

Cabin Heaters

While you may not use propane at your primary residence, cabins and summer homes in remote areas often rely on propane for several applications. Propane can power cabin heaters as well as lighting, fire pits, and water heaters using a bulk propane supply.

RV Power

When it comes to RVing, not every site will have the right electrical hookups. A propane-powered generator can help you fuel various appliances within the RV. Portable propane heaters can also be outside the RV during cold days and nights.

Benefits Of Using A Portable Propane Heater

Portable propane heaters offer greater versatility than the alternatives. Electric space heaters are okay for indoor use, but portable electrical appliances typically require a generator to function in remote areas. You can purchase portable propane tanks and fill them at one of our nearby CanGas branches. If you want to take a portable propane heater into the mountains for an overnight adventure, you don’t have to worry about polluting the environment or creating potential dangers for wildlife. Propane is a safe and clean fuel source, the burning of which produces fewer emissions than gasoline, diesel, and oil.

Why Propane


Propane is a cleaner and more environmentally responsible alternative to harmful fossil fuels and other emissions.


Propane is efficient, which means economical! Switching to propane results in lower operational and maintenance costs.


Propane can power almost anything, almost anywhere! Common uses include cooking, heating, and power generation.

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Is Propane Portable?

At CanGas, we install propane tanks to serve as a permanent fuel source for various appliances within your home and on your property. Though the tanks we install are large, propane can be stored in smaller containers and transported easily to power a portable heater, generator, or propane cabin heater. Propane is stored and moved in its liquid form and is both safe and stable. Talk to your CanGas representative if you require a supply of small 20 lb propane tanks in addition to your bulk propane supply.

Where can I install my tank?

“Pigs” or 420 lb tanks can be installed next to a wall, while 500 and 1000 gal. tanks require a perimeter of 10 ft from all buildings and property lines.

How long will my tank last?

CanGas propane tanks can last a long time. During the lifetime use of your tank, we perform inspections to ensure it’s functioning as it should.

What are the dimensions of the tanks?
  • 120gal/420 lb. — Height: 4 ½ feet | Diameter: 30 inches | Capacity: 375 litres
  • 500 gal. — Height: 3 ½ feet | Diameter: 38 inches | Length: 10 feet | Capacity: 1520 litres
  • 1000 gal. — Height: 4 feet | Diameter: 41 inches | Length: 16 feet | Capacity: 3030 litres

Residential Tank Sizes

At CanGas, we supply 3 different tank sizes to our residential clients.

120 gal/420 lb.

Ideal for residential uses, including home heating. This tank can power water heaters, space heaters, fireplaces, and more and may be paired with multiple tanks of the same size.

500 Gallon

Ideal for entire home heating. These horizontal tanks must be installed 10 ft away from buildings and property lines.

1000 Gallon

Most common for commercial use, but may be used for large residential homesteads, farms, or small communities.

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