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Valemount, a small BC village, lies in the shadow of Mt. Robson amid the Rocky and Cariboo Mountains. Valemount is part of a network of small, mountain villages in the province, and at CanGas, we’re proud to call Valemount home to one of our branches. As propane suppliers in Valemount, we play an essential role in the vitality of the community, providing propane delivery to homeowners and businesses in the area. In the heart of the mountains where other fuel sources may be less reliable or harder to come by, propane is convenient, abundant and accessible. Get started with CanGas Propane today.

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Propane is the primary fuel source in over 26,000 households across the province. Homeowners prefer propane to other fuel sources because it is safe, reliable and cost-effective. Propane is also a clean-burning fuel, and propane-fueled appliances tend to be more efficient, which can further reduce operational costs. Thriving industries in the Valemount area, including forestry and tourism, rely on propane as well for everything from cooking to power generation. Start experiencing all the benefits of propane when you order from a propane supplier in Valemount.

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