Fuel For Your Most Flavourful Creations

Restaurants in remote areas and portable food trucks rely on propane for the majority of their cooking, heating, and power generation. If you don’t have access to a reliable fuel source, propane is the obvious answer. In some situations, propane may make the most sense, regardless of where you’re located. For example, food trucks require a fuel-source that is portable, reliable, and versatile — propane checks every box. Plus, as a clean-burning fuel, propane will result in less wear and tear on your equipment.

Propane-Powered Restaurants Applications


Heating your restaurant is essential to keeping your guests happy, especially during the winter months. Depending on the size of your restaurant, you may choose to use a propane furnace, boiler, fireplace, generator, or hybrid system.

Water Heating

Propane-powered tankless water heaters and hot water tanks can supply the hot water you need to keep your restaurant running. If your restaurant has a small kitchen, a water heater may be the best option because they take up less space.


Almost every essential appliance in your restaurant kitchen can be powered using propane, including ovens, grills, fryers, stoves, pizza ovens, refrigerators, and more. Chefs tend to prefer propane over other fuel sources because it offers greater consistency and more control over temperature.

Backup Power

Propane-powered generators can provide a reliable source of backup power for your restaurant. Even if you do not run all of your appliances using propane, it makes an ideal backup.

Your Customers Will Appreciate Propane

Your customers will appreciate the delicious food cooked evenly on your propane-powered stovetop, the comfortable heat supplied by your propane furnace, and the reliability of your power, even in the midst of winter. However, propane is not only a benefit to your customers, but it also offers several benefits to you, the business owner. Running a restaurant may be your dream job, but the cost of doing so can sometimes make it impossible or impractical. At CanGas, we can help. We are your local, reliable suppliers of commercial propane. Propane is cost-effective and highly efficient, making your dream restaurant a reality.

Propane for Restaurants is...


Propane is an affordable energy option, typically cheaper than both electricity and oil. Because propane appliances are more efficient, they also last longer and require less maintenance and repairs over time.


Propane can power almost anything, including ovens, fryers, stoves, and barbecues. In addition to supplying heat and fuel for your restaurant or food truck, propane also serves as an excellent backup power source.


Propane is recognized as ‘green’ energy due to its exceptional efficiency and clean-burning properties. Propane produces less than half the greenhouse gas emissions of oil and eliminates the risk of harmful spills and costly cleanups.


Chefs across the country rely on propane to produce a consistent and even heat when cooking with precise flame control and heat distribution. Propane can also protect your business from costly power outages.

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