Benefits Of Using Propane For Mining

Propane is the affordable, safe and high-performing fuel source that is essential in Canadian mining operations. On-site, off-grid power generation can keep operations running smoothly and eliminate downtime. Propane is also incredibly versatile and can be used in every phase of your mining operation. As experts in the industry, we can make recommendations for tanks sizes and propane uses, including plans to increase the overall efficiency and functionality of the site.

Propane-Powered Mining Applications

Mine-Shaft Heating

Heating mine shafts through portable or permanent space heaters and other heating appliances powered by propane is a safe alternative to other options. Not only are propane-emissions safe, but it is also a stable and reliable fuel source.

Power Generation

Whether youre running equipment or water heaters, propane-powered generators are an excellent item to keep on hand for both primary and backup power uses.

Mineral Refining

Mineral refining is a complicated process that requires a robust and powerful fuel source. Propane is perfect for the job because of its versatility and affordability.


Light and medium-duty vehicles on mining sites can easily be converted into auto propane cars and trucks. Converting your fleet saves money over time as propane is a more affordable fuel source. Propane-powered vehicles are also better for the environment than diesel and gasoline.

High Performance. Low Emissions

When youre on-site at a mining facility, harmful and potent fuel emissions can cause problems to workers and crews, not to mention the environment. As a society, were constantly looking for ways to take better care of our environment, combat climate change, and reduce pollution in the air. Propane, as a clean-burning fuel, can address all of these issues. Using propane in Canadian mining operations can ensure optimal performance in addition to playing a significant part in our countrys efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Propane for Mining is...


Propane costs significantly less than diesel and also minimizes maintenance costs. Because propane burns cleaner and more efficiently, there is less wear and tear on equipment.


Diesel produces high levels of Greenhouse Gas Emissions while propane minimizes environmental impact. Sulphur content, a main culprit for producing acid rain, is high in diesel and low in propane.


Propane practically eliminates the chances of soil contamination due to its clean burning properties. As a liquid, diesel presents a higher risk of damaging spills and soil contamination.



Propane functions optimally in all climates, offering superior engine performance and minimizing costly downtime. Propane functions where and when other fuels do not.


Safety Everyday! Everywhere! Everyone!

CanGas is one of Canadas leading suppliers of propane, and we believe in putting safety first, especially in the workplace. We commit to the safety of our employees, contractors, and the public.

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