Fueling Your Farm With Propane

Agriculture is a booming industry in Western Canada and has long been supported by propane fuel. Whether your farm is a small nursery, a family farm, or a corporate operation, CanGas can supply you with the propane you need for crop drying, irrigation, weed control, heating, and more. As a clean-burning, low cost, and environmentally responsible fuel source, propane offers the versatility and efficiency you need to power your farm.

Propane-Powered Agriculture & Forestry Applications

Building & Barn Heat

You can use propane to heat your barns, orchard, greenhouse, and other buildings on your farm. As a clean-burning fuel, propane is healthier for your livestock and also costs less than other heating methods.

Crop Drying

Propane can fuel crop-dryers that use thermal energy to speed up the process of crop heating and drying. Propane-powered crop dryers produce consistent heat to ensure crops dry evenly with virtually zero risk to the grain.


Diesel and gasoline-powered irrigation engines can pollute your carefully curated crops, whereas an engine powered by propane is clean-burning, more efficient, and reliable.

Weed Control

Propane flame weed control is an organic alternative to harmful herbicides and pesticides. Flame weeding produces intense heat that ruptures plant cells, causing the weeds to wither and die. After using this weed control method, workers can return to the field immediately, eliminating downtime. It can also be applied in any weather conditions and at any stage of growth.


Propane is a cost-effective alternative to diesel and gasoline. Fuelling your farm vehicles with propane, including light-duty pickup trucks, mowers, tractors, and other engines, can also reduce greenhouse emissions.


Approximately 90% of forklifts run on propane, as they are cleaner and quieter than diesel-powered equipment. Propane-powered forklifts can be safely operated within barns, warehouses, and around the farmyard, and are more reliable than electric models that lose power throughout the day.

Canadas Agricultural Solution

We pride ourselves on being the solution for Canadian farmers. Our propane services make it easy for businesses to access the fuel they need in a timely and efficient manner. When you create an account with CanGas, everything from the ordering to the payment and delivery becomes streamlined and simple. Feeding the country is a big job, but we can help. Contact your local CanGas branch to learn more about propane uses in the agriculture industry.

Propane for Agriculture and Forestry is...


Propane costs significantly less than diesel and also minimizes maintenance costs. Because propane burns cleaner and more efficiently, there is less wear and tear on equipment.


Diesel produces high levels of Greenhouse Gas Emissions while propane minimizes environmental impact. Sulphur content, a main culprit for producing acid rain, is high in diesel and low in propane.


Propane practically eliminates the chances of soil contamination due to its clean burning properties. As a liquid, diesel presents a higher risk of damaging spills and contamination of soil and water.


From keeping your livestock warm to drying your grain and fueling your vehicles, propane is vital for farmers in remote locations without access to another consistent energy source.

Safety Everyday! Everywhere! Everyone!

CanGas is one of Canadas leading suppliers of propane, and we believe in putting safety first, especially in the workplace. We commit to the safety of our employees, contractors, and the public.

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Did You Know?


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