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At CanGas, we believe in supporting the Canadian economy by providing local manufacturing and industrial plants with an affordable, versatile, and energy-efficient fuel source. Propane is abundantly available in Canada and costs less than diesel and other alternative fuel sources. It is also environmentally responsible, producing fewer greenhouse emissions and hydrocarbons than any other fuel. Help us maintain Canada’s beautiful landscapes by converting your industrial operations to run on propane.

Propane-Powered Industrial and Manufacturing Applications


Propane is the #1 fuel used to power forklifts in North America. It is safe and affordable, with clean-burning properties and virtually no fumes. Propane-powered forklifts are ideal for storing or transporting raw materials and finished goods.

Building Heat

Warehouses and industrial plants are wide-open spaces that can be difficult and expensive to heat. Propane offers the perfect solution. Whether through a propane furnace or block space heater, propane provides consistent, powerful heat that is also affordable and efficient.

Power Generation

Every facility uses different, specialized equipment for a variety of purposes. Regardless of the fuel source you currently rely on, propane is a sensible alternative. Clean burning and versatile, propane can power processing plants, paper and pulp mills, and more.

Using Propane In Manufacturing

From plastics manufacturing to food processing, forestry and utilities, pulp and paper mills, durable goods manufacturing, and natural resource refining, propane is useful for practically any industry. It’s the #1 fuel used to power forklifts and can also provide building heat and power to any warehouse or facility. Talk to your local CanGas branch to learn about the benefits of bulk propane supply and on-site refuelling.

Propane for Industrial and Manufacturing is...


Propane is an affordable energy option, typically cheaper than both electricity and oil. Because propane is clean-burning, appliances last longer and require less maintenance and repairs over time.


Propane can power almost anything. In addition to supplying heat to your warehouse building and fuel for your equipment and manufacturing processes, propane also serves as an excellent backup.


Propane is recognized as ‘green’ energy due to its exceptional efficiency and clean burning properties. Propane produces less than half the greenhouse gas emissions than oil and eliminates the risk of harmful spills and costly cleanups.


Safe for the environment and people, propane does not produce harmful Greenhouse Gas emissions and minimizes environmental impact through its clean-burning properties.

Safety – Everyday! Everywhere! Everyone!

CanGas is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of propane, and we believe in putting safety first, especially in the workplace. We commit to the safety of our employees, contractors, and the public.

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