Commercial Propane Heaters

Propane is the cost-effective, high-efficiency fuel source that more and more businesses are relying on to heat their buildings and warehouses. Commercial propane heaters offer several cost-saving benefits and are better for the environment. Several industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, and mining carry out operations in expansive, industrial warehouses. Heating these large, open spaces is a significant expenditure for business owners, especially when using traditional fuel sources. Taking into account the loss of energy in a space that big, the efficiency is typically lower than 70%. There is a solution, however. Contact your local CanGas branch today to learn more about using propane in a commercial setting.

Commercial Heating Solutions

Commercial Furnace

Commercial propane furnaces are self-contained units that supply heated air to a variety of spaces and are a cost-effective alternative to appliances powered by other fuel sources. Providing even and consistent heat, propane-powered boilers and radiant heaters may also be used for commercial heating purposes.

Water Heating

Propane-powered boilers, water heaters, and hot water tanks can heat water quickly and in large amounts for industrial purposes. Commercial water heaters and boilers are incredibly versatile, with nearly 100% efficiency. With some water tanks reaching a capacity of over 100 gallons, bulk propane supply is needed to accommodate commercial uses.

Combined Heat & Power

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems use a propane generator to produce heat, electricity, and backup power more efficiently. CHP units result in lower energy consumption and continuous power generation. They are robust enough for commercial use.

Benefits Of Heating With A Commercial Propane Heater

While the greatest benefits of using a commercial propane heater are higher efficiency, lower costs, and less environmental impact, they also have the potential to produce more warmth, greater consistency, and less dryness than some of the alternatives. Propane is an abundant resource in Canada, and unlike other fuel sources, it is not considered to be a harmful fossil fuel. When it comes to your commercial heating needs, propane provides the most economical and versatile solution.

Propane for Commercial Heating is...


Propane is more economical than diesel and gasoline due to its lower cost. Clean-burning propane also reduces the cost of your fleet maintenance.


Propane is a clean energy source causing fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions than diesel and gasoline. Propane also mitigates the risk of dangerous spills and leaks.


Clean-burning propane helps equipment last longer, with propane exhaust creating fewer smog-producing hydrocarbons than other fuel types. The exhaust of diesel and other fuels release soot that can clog engines and wear-down machinery over time.


Heating with propane eliminates the risk of lost business or damaged products due to an electrical power outage. Propane works when and where other energy sources don’t.

Commercial Heating Made Easy with Propane

Commercial heating presents a significant obstacle for many businesses, but CanGas makes it easy to overcome. As dependable, Canadian propane suppliers, we go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met. When relying on propane for commercial use, we recognize that several of your daily operations depend on having a consistent and reliable supply. When you take advantage of our propane delivery options, we guarantee to keep on top of regular refills, whether you prefer scheduled or will-call delivery. Propane makes commercial heating easier, and CanGas makes bulk propane supply a breeze. Create an account or talk to your local branch to get started.

What is the efficiency of a propane heater/furnace?

Commercial propane furnaces function at an efficiency of over 80%, approximately 15% higher than that of traditional HVAC systems.

Where can I use a commercial propane heater/furnace?

Propane furnaces and heaters are ideal for providing powerful and consistent heat to office spaces, retail buildings, multifamily buildings, schools, restaurants, medical buildings, warehouses, and more.

What tank sizes do you carry?

Our commercial tanks range in size from 1,000 to 30,000 gallon tanks. (1,000 gallon, 2,000 gallon, 5000 gallon, 12,000 gallon, 18,000 gallon, 30,000 gallon) Skidded tanks are also available for certain applications. Automotive dispensers come in a variety of sizes depending on your volume requirements.