Propane Offers Ultimate Versatility

Propane is becoming the fuel of choice for many Canadian companies. From forklift operation to specialized equipment, grain drying, and more, propane is the most versatile fuel source for commercial use. Propane is safe for people and the environment, cost-effective, and reliable. Whether you’re powering oilfield pump jacks, agricultural irrigation systems, construction site heaters, or backup generators for a hotel or restaurant, contact CanGas to learn about powering all your commercial operations with propane.

Power Generation Solutions


Approximately 90% of forklifts run on propane, as they are cleaner and quieter than diesel-powered equipment. Propane-powered forklifts can be safely operated inside warehouses and are more reliable than electric models that lose power throughout the day.


Propane-powered ovens, cooktops, fryers, and grills allow for greater heat control and more consistent heat distribution. They also feature instant on and off, so you don’t have to worry about wasted time in the kitchen or potential safety hazards.

Specialized Equipment

Industries such as oil and gas, mining, and product manufacturing may require specialized equipment. Propane can be used for equipment and appliances that have been converted to propane or generators that power electric models.

Weed & Pest Control

Propane flame weed control is an organic alternative to harmful herbicides and pesticides. Flame weeding works by producing an intense heat that ruptures plant cells, causing the weeds to wither and die.

Drying Solutions

From clothes drying to crop drying to concrete curing, propane provides a safe as well as even and consistent heat, ideal for all drying applications. Propane-powered grain dryers are especially common in the agricultural industry.

Roofing & Asphalt

Propane-powered torches for applying shingles and drying, heating, and melting materials, are common in the roofing industry. Propane burns clean and efficiently, and is a safe and reliable fuel source for construction crews.

We Are Western Canada's Solution For Commercial Propane Supply

CanGas isn’t your average propane supplier. When you work with us, we guarantee a unique, personalized approach. We’re involved in the project planning and execution phases so that we can ensure your propane supply is catered to your needs. Take advantage of our dependable service, friendly approach, and local availability. We look forward to being your bulk propane supplier.

Propane for Other Commercial Applications is...


Propane is more economical than diesel and gasoline due to its lower cost. Propane also results in less strain on appliances and equipment.


Clean-burning propane helps equipment last longer, with propane exhaust creating fewer smog-producing hydrocarbons than other fuel types. The exhaust of diesel and other fuels releases soot that can clog engines and wear-down machinery over time.


Powering your business with propane eliminates the risk of lost business or damaged products due to an electrical power outage. Propane works when and where other energy sources don’t.


Not only is it an abundant resource in Canada, propane can be used to power a number of everyday appliances. From vehicles to heating solutions and backup power, propane is one of the best fuel solutions.