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Castlegar is a small city in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia β€” located in the Selkirk Mountains, northwest of Gladstone Provincial Park and southwest of Nelson, BC. The community thrives based on a dynamic economy driven by five pillars of industry: forestry, education, government, retail, and tourism. As propane suppliers in Castlegar, we support each of these industries with reliable propane delivery for a variety of needs, including building heat, cooking, equipment operation, and more. We serve residential and commercial clients within Castlegar and all surrounding areas and communities. Get in touch with us today!

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Propane is a cost-effective, clean, safe, and versatile fuel source. Abundant in Western Canada, propane powers more than 26,000 households in BC alone. Within Castlegar, propane is an essential resource for the forestry, mining, and tourism industries. Restaurants and hotels in the area utilize propane for power generation, heat, cooking, and drying while vehicles, equipment, and mining refineries are also powered by propane. Propane is easily transportable and accessible in remote locations, making it ideal for operations that take place off-grid. It’s also robust enough to handle the demands of industrial power generation. Experience all of the benefits of propane by contacting your CanGas propane supplier in Castlegar.

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