Landscaping Just Got Greener

It’s time to put the ‘green’ back into green spaces. Traditional mowers and other equipment run on diesel or gasoline, which produce up to 70% more hydrocarbon emissions than propane. Propane is better for the environment and eliminates the risk of soil contamination. Propane-powered equipment and vehicles are also quieter than diesel-powered engines and can help maintain the ambience while landscaping local parks, golf courses, and other green spaces. Talk to your local CanGas branch to learn more.

Propane-Powered Landscaping Applications

Commercial Mowers

Propane is a robust fuel source with enough power to run all landscaping equipment, including both residential and commercial mowers. Propane-powered mowers function in the same way as gasoline and diesel-powered equipment, but with fewer emissions and lower costs.

Lawn Aerators

Lawn aerators are heavy machines that require an efficient and powerful fuel source. Propane is the answer. Propane-powered aerators allow for more efficient, untethered operation. Plus, the cost of refuelling is significantly lower than alternative fuel sources.

Fleet Vehicles

If you have a fleet of vehicles for your landscaping business, you may want to consider the conversion to auto propane. Light-duty vehicles, including pick-up trucks and vans, can be refuelled at your on-site refuelling station for greater efficiency and convenience.

Medium-Duty Vehicles

Medium-duty vehicles, such as small box trucks and trailers, are frequently used to transport equipment from one job-site to another. With landscaping projects spread out over a large geographic area, fuelling the vehicles can be expensive, but auto propane provides a cost-effective alternative to gasoline and diesel.

Power Generation

Portable propane generators can provide backup power in a pinch and be used to charge smaller pieces of equipment, including weed trimmers, leaf blowers, and chainsaws.

Keep Landscaping Costs Low With Propane

Running a commercial landscaping operation can be a costly venture, especially with the ever-rising cost of fuel, not to mention the upkeep and maintenance of equipment and tools. When you convert your landscaping equipment to run on propane, you’ll experience immediate cost-saving benefits. Not only is propane a more affordable fuel; it’s also clean-burning and causes less wear and tear on equipment, meaning your mowers and aerators will remain in prime condition for longer.

Propane for Landscaping is...


Propane costs significantly less than alternative fuel sources and also minimizes maintenance costs. Because propane burns cleaner and more efficiently, there is less wear and tear on equipment.


Diesel produces high levels of Greenhouse Gas Emissions while propane minimizes environmental impact. Sulphur content, a main culprit for producing acid rain, is high in diesel and low in propane.


Propane practically eliminates the chances of soil contamination due to its clean burning properties. As a liquid, diesel present a higher risk of damaging spills and water and soil contamination.


Propane is available in several different tank sizes and is easy to transport and store. All equipment and vehicles can be filled up at your on-site refuelling station or powered by smaller tanks for on-the-go jobs.

Safety – Everyday! Everywhere! Everyone!

CanGas is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of propane, and we believe in putting safety first, especially in the workplace. We commit to the safety of our employees, contractors, and the public.

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