Keep Up With Power Demands With A Propane Backup Generator

Propane offers customizable options for commercial power generation. Whether you need temporary backup or long term primary systems, propane-powered generators are a cost-effective and versatile solution. Keeping up with power demands in an industrial space can be expensive, with the cost of fuel ever on the rise. Because propane is an abundant resource in Canada, its accessible at a fair price and supports the domestic economy. Unlike other fuel sources, propane burns clean and takes less of a toll on equipment, meaning less money spent on repairs and maintenance over time. Whether youre in the construction, manufacturing, or oil and gas industry, propane backup generators could be your power solution.

Power Generation Solutions

Propane Generators

Propane generators are both powerful and reliable enough to meet the demands of your jobsite. Businesses may rely on propane for 100% of operations for both large and small scale applications. They may also combine propane generators with diesel powered engines for equipment and other uses.


Co-generation systems use a propane generator to produce heat, electricity, and backup power more efficiently. They result in lower energy consumption and continuous power generation and are robust enough for commercial use.

The Benefits Of Having A Propane Backup Generator

A propane backup generator can accommodate off-grid energy needs in remote locations. Because propane is cleaner, more efficient, and more environmentally responsible, several business owners are choosing propane over alternative fuel sources. Large scale remote operations involving oil exploration, mining, aquaculture, or other blue-collar industries often rely on propane for primary, essential power due to its versatility and reliability. Other industries that cannot afford to have a power outage, such as construction sites and hotels, may rely on propane strictly for backup. Propane emissions do not have a strong odour like some other fuels, which also makes it ideal for temporary power generation at special events, concerts, trade shows and festivals.

Propane for Power Generators is...


Propane is more economical than diesel and electricity due to its lower cost. Propane also involves lower delivery prices and results in less strain on appliances and equipment.


Propane is a clean energy source causing fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions than diesel and gasoline. Propane also mitigates the risk of dangerous spills and leaks.


Clean-burning propane helps equipment last longer, with propane exhaust creating fewer smog-producing hydrocarbons than other fuel types. The exhaust of diesel and other fuels releases soot that can clog engines and wear-down machinery over time.


Using propane eliminates the risk of lost business or damaged products due to an electrical power outage. Propane works when and where other energy sources dont.

Avoid Downtime With A Propane Backup Generator

As your local propane supplier, we want to help you avoid downtime and maximize productivity. Propane is the ideal fuel when it comes to commercial and industrial use. Its high-performing in all remote locations and all weather conditions. In addition to running your equipment and powering your building, propane can also drive your fleet. An on-site refuelling station for auto propane and a propane backup generator can launch your business towards higher performance, lower emissions, and more cost savings.

Are propane generators noisy?

While diesel and gasoline-powered generators have a reputation of being quite loud, propane motors are much quieter, producing no more sound than a normal conversation.

What can I power with a propane generator?

Commercial propane generators have a nearly endless list of potential applications, powering your commercial building and the equipment inside it. Generators can be used as backup or primary power.

What tank sizes do you carry?

Our commercial tanks range in size from 1,000 to 30,000 gallon tanks. (1,000 gallon, 2,000 gallon, 5000 gallon, 12,000 gallon, 18,000 gallon, 30,000 gallon) Skidded tanks are also available for certain applications. Automotive dispensers come in a variety of sizes depending on your volume requirements.