Grain Drying

What is Grain Drying?

Grain drying is the process of removing moisture from the grain following harvest. Traditionally, crops were left in the field to dry but were at risk of being subjected to mould, fungus growth, frost, and other detrimental conditions. Farming regulations state that crops must reach a certain moisture level to be considered safe for storing. Using a commercial grain dryer, farmers can harvest at any time and are able to maximize the overall harvest yield. Crop dryers also take considerably less time than waiting for crops to dry naturally.

The Role of Propane

Over 80% of crop dryers utilize propane. Because propane is portable and stores well, its an ideal fuel source for farmers in remote locations where alternative fuels are not accessible. Not only is it incredibly versatile, but propane is also highly efficient; farmers rely on propane to produce an even heat for drying crops quickly and effectively. Cleaner than diesel and gasoline, propane will not contaminate the soil or your crops in the case of a leak. Overall, the power of a propane crop dryer is in the time and money saved as well as enhanced flexibility.

  • Saves time and resources
  • Maximizes consistency of crop yield
  • Limits risk of fungal and bacterial growth
  • Minimizes crop risks due to weather
  • Enhances flexibility of harvesting
  • Eliminates risk of soil contamination
  • More energy efficient than alternative fuels
  • Achieves moisture content restrictions
  • Produces high output of thermal energy
  • Less equipment maintenance required

Did You Know?


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Less energy required to remove 1lb of water

The CanGas Solution

At CanGas Propane, we are the trusted provider when it comes to grain drying for local farmers throughout Western Canada, for small and large-scale operations alike. Our commitment to timely and reliable propane delivery makes it possible for these farmers to keep their grain dryers running continually during times of peak use. A propane commercial grain dryer is the best solution to grain drying, and CanGas is the best solution to propane supply. Whether youre new to propane, switching suppliers, or expanding your operation, we can help. Contact your local CanGas branch today.